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    Rename table is not working!!!

    yaman alsaadi

      Hi guys,

      i want to change the name of four tables using this script


      For vTableNo = 1 to NoOfTables()-1

      let svalue='tab1';

      Let vTableName = TableName($(vTableNo)) ;

      Rename Table vTableNo to svalue;

      next  vTableNo


      but nothing happens.




        • Re: Rename table is not working!!!
          Stefan Wühl

          I believe RENAME TABLE should use the table name vTableName, not the number vTableNo as source table name.

          Using dollar sign expansion might also be required to get the variable values.


          Rename Table $(vTableName) to $(svalue);


          Then I am not sure what you are trying to achieve here, do you want to rename all tables to the same name?

          I don't think that can work (well, haven't tried it).


          Or do you want to do something else?