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    Hover Information

    Kenneth Holden

      IN Qliksense, when I hover over a dimension for example in a pie chart, a little menu pops up with some extra information.


      Two questions:


      1. is possible to add or control content on that pop-up menu when you hover over it with your mouse?
      2. if the answer to the first question is yes, then precisely how do you do it?



      Ken H.

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          omar bensalem

          That's unfortunately not possible in Qlik Sense.

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            Luis Madriz



            A couple of weeks ago I saw a Qlik video about the Opioid crisis in the US where the presenter showed an extension that allowed the pop-ups when you hover over a map point to have up to two charts objects in them. I'm not saying that  is may solve your problem but if you're OK with extensions may be it's worth checking.





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                Kenneth Holden

                I am ok with extensions but I use a mac and Qlik seems to not care for mac platform, unlike tableau, and extensions do not work in the cloud apps, to my understanding.


                I really love qiliksense  just wish it had a little more of the cool add-ons for the cloud.


                Cloud seems to get the least amount of love from qlik.


                Surprising such a large company and old BI vendor that is completely ignoring a very popular platform.