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    Date filter doens't work in a set analysis

    Herve Boulnois

      Hello all


      Here is my problem :


      I use Qlik Sense Desktop. In a KPI, I have two statements :


      one for the title :

      =Date(MonthEnd(AddMonths(Max(Date_F),-1)),'DD MMMM YYYY')


      one for the datas :

      =sum( {$< [Date_F] = {"$(=Date(MonthEnd(AddMonths(Max(Date_F),-1)),'DD/MMMM/YYYY'))"},[Client externe]={"-1"} >} (NbVMPwrOff+NbVMPwrOn))


      The first statement works great.

      The second doen't work (result =0), but I know that it should give something else.


      Is there a syntax problem ?


      Thanks a lot for any help.