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    Office 365 Excel file how to connect in Qlik View

    Anita Berg

      I have tried a while browsing for information on the forum and web on how to connect to Office 365 Excel file from Qlik View. But so far no luck to load Excel file in share point from Qlik View or Qlik Sense.


      CASE: I have a xlsx file on share point. When I open the document in Excel and look at info tab the link is there, under the title of the document that one I copy. I remove the web=1


      The link looks like this https://company.sharepoint.com/sites/SiteName/Shared%20Documents/Test%20Qlik%20View%20access%20to%20O365%20Excel%20sheet.xlsx?


      This link opens the document, if it is pasted in windows explorer. So the link is working.


      If I try to follow the wizard to create a load for this in Qlik View I get the string

      LOAD * FROM

      (ooxml, no labels);

      I get the error bad Zip File when I try to load the file.

      Does loading of an Excel sheet stored in Sharepoint cloud / O365 work in Qlik View without any extensions or similar?