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    Sense - Multiple Fact tables...

    Ian Cornish

      I've read a number of excellent articles on this site about this but am still confused... I'm working on a QlikSense project for Sales/order/budget analysis.


      I have 2 Dimensions - Time (with Month & day dimensions) and also Product & Product Group (I can easily flatten these 2 into 1 dimension).

      I have 4 Facts- 1) Invoiced Sales (Day level) (at Customer, Country, Product and Currency)

      2) Open Orders (Day level) (ie not in the Invoiced Sales fact) (at Customer, Country, and Product)

      3) Budget (Month level)(at Country, Product and Currency)

      4) Forecast (Month level) (at Country, Product Group and Currency)


      So, I need to create a Master table of Time (Day & Month), Product, Customer, Country, Currency with three different generated keys (for each Fact). HOW?!?!?!


      My first thought was to Load the Time Dimension and Product dimension as a cartesian product from SQL (limited to current year/product). However, this sounds like "Kill the server" territory


      I've looked at Mapping and ApplyMaps, but am confused by them... Can someone clarify and provide a best direction forwards?