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    Date format in QVD where condition

    Janani Reddy

      Hi Guys,


      I am having trouble to get a QVD evaluate its where condition.The condition i am applying is to load records whose date is less than a certain date 


      Below is the script used in the data load editor:


      Load date(max(ApplicationDate),'DD/MM/YYYY') as vDate From [lib://QVD/Branch.QVD] (qvd) ;

      Load * From [lib://QVD/LOANSHISTONETIMENEW.QVD] (qvd)

      where date(DateBrn,'DD/MM/YYYY') = DATE(DATE#('vDate','DD/MM/YYYY'), 'DD/MM/YYYY') ;

      I have read this very helpful link before posting this question, but i couldn't solve my issue

      Dealing with date formats in QlikView and QlikSense

      These are some options i have tried to format the date. Hard coding the date works just fine but nothing else.

      //where date(DateBrn,'DD/MM/YYYY') < date#('vDate','DD/MM/YYYY');

      //where date(DateBrn,'DD/MM/YYYY') < date#('27/12/2017','DD/MM/YYYY'); // this worked a couple of times but it did not work the next day

      //where date(DateBrn,'DD/MM/YYYY') < '27/12/2017';

      //where date(DateBrn,'DD/MM/YYYY') < date('$(vDate)','DD/MM/YYYY');