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    Rank Caluculation Using aggr() functions

    Anindya Manna

      Hi all,

      I am calculating rank in a table. my report looks like after selecting a dimension like below.


      XYYTD salesXY RankY rank

      Rank calculation is done based on this below expression.


      XY Rank = Aggr(Nodistinct rank(sum({$<[Process Date]={">=$(=YearStart(Max([Process Date]))) <=$(=Max([Process Date]))"},

      [Month ID]=>}[Sales Amt]),4),X,Y).


      Y Rank=aggr(Nodistinct rank(sum({$<[X]=,[Month ID]=,[Process Date]={">=$(=YearStart(Max([Process Date]))) <=$(=Max([Process Date]))"}>}[Sales Amt])),[Y]).

      But the problem is when I am selecting other dimension like Month Id the rank calculation is not based on this particular month so by selecting a particular month rank is showing 1,2,3,6,9,12, like this as other position not part in this month so they removed.

      But I want continuous rank based on each dimension selection.