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    Identify Emoji / Unicode >x in Text

    Ben Roberts

      Hi everyone, help appreciated on this one, I have searched far and wide to no avail.


      I am building a simple Whatsapp chat analyser in Qlikview and I want to be able to tell which messages have emoji in them.


      The input data is a text file from Whatapp I have imported to excel which makes the messages look something like this:


      Did you see the game last night? ðŸ”


      I.e. the emoji have been replaced by their unicode character.


      I then load the excel file into Qlikview.


      My research so far has uncovered that these special characters have a unicode value greater than 128 so I was trying to find a way to loop through the letters in text to look for those with unicode > 128 (noting that Ord('character') gives the unicode value.


      My aim is to create a column that shows if a message has emoji so I can count the number of messages containing emoji.