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    Evaluate field values as chart expressions

    Dario Pincione

      Hi there,


      I've got a problem, I would like to change on-the-fly the expression on a chart.

      I've already been able to do this by:

      1) keep all the possible chart expressions in variables (1 variable = 1 chart expression)

      2) in the chart create a big IF statement based on the value of the variable behind a dropdown box.


      I wonder if I can (for example) create a data source (Excel or a SQL Table) containing all the expressions and evaluate them doing something like


      Indicator  | Formula


      Indicator A | ((sum({$<Anno={2009}>}[Nati - Totale]))/sum({$<Età={">=15<=50"}>}([Totale Femmine])))*1000 



      - I've tried to insert the formulas into an INLINE statement with no success.


      - I've tried to evaluate the formulas at loadtime with Evaluate() with no success


      - I've tried to insert the following expression as chart formula




      but again, no success.


      Any help woud be appreciated.


      Thanks in Advance