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    Pivot table understanding indent rows aggregation with average - help

    Francesco Valente

      Hello guys,


      I am using the Pivot Table object to aggregate some data in the latest version of Qlik Sense enterprise version.

      Data is being aggregated by average.

      The problem is that I cannot understand how qlik is showing the indent Rows


      As per below pic:


      I have a total avg of my sample set as 6.6.

      This sample has 2 subsamples (DE and DE Mobile) which have 8 and 5.67 as average respectively.


      pivot count.png

      the pivot above is derived from a small sample of 6 rows.


      Full sample extract from excel below.

      De Mobile has 4 rows and adds up to 22 as per below I would expect to have an average of 5.5 instead of 5.67.

      pivot count excel.png

      Furthermore, the total average is set in sens at 6.6 but would expect to see 6.3.

      The 6.6 returned seems to exclude the last row of DE Mobile so that there is a sum of 33 and a count of 5 giving an avg of 6.6, but why should be that. Am I missing something? In the straight table, I do not see duplicates or anything else I should consider here.


      Thank you in advance,