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    Renew of Leasing License

      Hello all,


      My question is about the license leasing for QV9 SR7. For some user who are leasing a license, they are not automatically open file form the server. And after the 30 days, the license expire.


      For me the only way to renew the license is to click on File / Open in server and to connect to our QlikView server.


      But, In the Qvs Reference Manual (IV.19.4, p. 217), we can read : "Each time QlikView is started, QlikView tries to contact the QlikView Server and renew the license lease.".


      In the QlikView Reference Manual.pdf (III.10.10, p. 121), we can read : "QlikView License Lease Server (URL)

      Here you may specify a URL pointing to your QlikView License Lease Server, when applicable."

      Which is a parameter from the User Preference, Location tab.


      All this things are not really explicit for me. I never see a renew of this type of license by only start QlikView. And I don't understand what is really the QlikView License Lease Server (URL) parameter and how to fill it.


      Can somebody explain me this and if there is a possibility to renew automatically and transparently a leasing license without doing an "File / Open in server" ?


      Thanks !!