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    Same field from hypercube shows different value

    Zoltan Farkas



      In my mashup I've created a few infocards which contains 3 different values, actual data, budget data and time period. When I'm pulling through the time period from the hypercube, for one infocard it shows the correct value, but in the other infocard it shows me different value, however I'm using the same field from the hypercube. Let's say I've got 3 different time period (YTD, MTD, Previous Year) and when I select YTD in the selection bar, the infocard should update accordingly. The first one is working fine, but the other one is not, it looks like the indexes are mixed up. (In the second infocard, when I select YTD, it shows me MTD, when MTD's selected, it shows me Previous Year).


      Do you have any idea what could cause this issue?