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    Moving task from QV Server (Without Publisher) to Publisher and  in the opposite direction

    Marcos Herrera

      Hi dear Qlik Community

      I am writing to tell you about a case that we have with a customer that currently has QlikView and that wants to test Publisher, due to some internal situation he can not have an additional server for this test and he has asked us to test the current productive QlikView server , for this work I did an internal laboratory, creating a virtual machine with QlikView (Without Publisher) and it happened to me that when applying the Publisher license the tasks disappeared, I know that before this there is a trick with the QVPR and that it would be possible to see reflected These tasks in Publisher, which concerns me, that if the client decides not to make the purchase, I have the following questions:

      1) The suggested procedure of the QVPR to move from QlikView (Without Publisher) to Publisher if it is adequate?

      2) How would you deactivate the Publisher license or be one of the tests? Simply deactivate it at the end of the trial period

      3) What happens with the tasks, how do I rollback them so they fit in the previous scheme?

      Thank you very much for your kind help