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    Calculation within Set Analysis

    Aaron Bishop

      Hello All,


      First Problem:


      I need to add all values in my [Total Leads] field that fall within the month of the last date given. The max([Date]) will change based on restrictions applied in the load script. I started with If() statements, but they are not as flexible and do not allow a max() aggregation.


      What I need, then, is something similar to one of these functions:


      Sum({$<Month([Date])={"$(=Month(Max([Date])))"}>}[Total Leads])


      Sum({$<[Date]={"$(>=MonthStart(Max([Date])))"}>*$<Date={"$(<=MonthEnd(Max([Date])))"}>}[Total Leads])



      Second Problem:


      I need to restrict the dimension of a graph in a similar manner. The dimension would be [Date.autoCalendar.Date], but I only want it to show dates for the month of the last date available (max([Date])). Again, I started with If(), but this does not allow the max(). Any work-arounds?


      As always, thank you for the help.