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    How to skip values in for .. next  loops

    Linda Monincx



      I am trying to change my table , which is having a quatity of 1 to 5 into a tabel with single rows for each Quantity


      for example



      ID  QTY

      A    1

      B    2

      C    5

      in to


      ID QTY

      A   1

      B   1

      B   1

      C   1

      C   1

      C   1

      C   1

      C   1


      If have the below script working but it is also doing the load for number 3 and 4, I don't want to script running for values which don't exist

      any idea, this is just a small example in realtime i have High Qty exceptions ?





      For i = num(1,00) to num($(vMax))
      for j= 1 to $(i)





      resident x where QTY=$(i);