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    Qlik Sense Scripting Syntax? (not equal)

    Kyle Taylor

      Hi all,


      I'm having problems with scripting a set analysis and I noticed when I look up the correct syntax to use in qlik... it's changed on the resource site?  For instance, I'm trying to use a "not equal" scripting syntax for a set analysis on version 3.2 SR4 which I thought was

      "-=" (it executes).  However, because I was having issues with operators not executing as written, I looked up the scripting syntax and now see that for 3.2 "not equal" is written as "!=" (which doesn't execute)...



      Does someone know the correct way to write:


      [field1] "not equal" $(variable1) and,

      [field2] "not equal" $(variable2) and,

      [field3] = $(variable3)