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    Problem: cleaning up a QlikSense app after auto-conversion

    Kjell Krona

      I have auto-converted an app from QlikView to QLikSense, and more or less successfully, built  up the views I want to keep. So far so good.


      However, my problem is that after the conversion, the Master Items list is totally littered with unidentifiable objects, some of them only named = ' ' (that is, no name), or named = VFilterInformationText - one after the other... I now have several dozens of these, but I have little idea in which views they are used, or if they are no longer used at all; and, even if in some cases can find out where the object is used, it seems impossible to rename them into something usable. Some of them (maybe all?) are also connected to some other master item, but I cannot see which - it is impossible to "edit" without cutting the link to whatever it is linked to...


      In short, the "structure" (too good a word for it) looks like an explosion in a pig pen. Is there any way I can do anything about it, or would it actually be better to start a new app and copy the things I want to use into that app?


           - kjell