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    Set Analysis Using Current Date Function

    Andrew Sell

      Hello Community,


      Fairly new to QlikSense and i need some help with a formula that worked for me yesterday, but does not seem to bring back any results this morning and i am thinking it may have something to do with my date function.  I have a dataset that looks like this:


      Item-SDI Part Number            End Date               Contract Status

      ABC123                                   2/1/2018                         A

      ABC456                                   6/31/2018                       I 

      ABC678                                   6/31/2018                       A 

      ABC987                                   7/31/2018                       A 


      I am trying to get a count of all distinct items that are Active and have a Contract End date greater than or equal to the date the user is on the app.  Currently i am using this which i believe worked yesterday, but not this morning:


      Count({$<[End Date] = {">=$(=Date(Today(),'MM/DD/YYYY'))"}, [Contract Status]= {'A'} >} [Item-SDI Part Number])


      Any  help would be more than appreciated!