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    Qlik Sense Enterprise Server Tasks has "No slave scheduler found" error

    溯 潘

      I have only one node(Win7 64bit) which installed Qlik Sense Enterprise 3.2 SR3 (10.28.1). I want to set hously reload data for my app. But after I add it in the tasks, it seems has "No slave scheduler found" error on tasks status which is same as License Monitor & Operations Monitor. I have check the community, Qlik Sense September 2017 Patch 2 release notes has one issue Jira issue ID: QLIK-81970( User sync tasks fail if the central scheduler is set to Master). My Schedulers status is stopped which type is Master & Slave.

      How can I fix it?


      Qlik Error.JPG

      Qlik Version.JPG

      Qlik Schedulers Error.JPG

      Qlik Schedulers.JPG