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    Ignore selection with set analysis and autocalendar fields

    Lauri Scharf

      My Sense app allows the user to filter using a field that is auto-created during the load: [ObservationDate.autoCalendar.Year].

      I am surprised to find that I cannot use set analysis to ignore the user selection in a KPI.

      My KPI: Count({$<[ObservationDate.autoCalendar.Year]= >} distinct PatientID)


      I also tried Count({$<[ObservationDate.autoCalendar.Year]={*} >} distinct PatientID)

      Both set analyses have no effect; if the user selects any [ObservationDate.autoCalendar.Year] values, the KPI value is changed.

      But using the underlying field, [ObservationDate], in both the filter pane and the KPI yields "normal" behavior (i.e., the KPI ignores user selections).

      In conclusion, is it necessary to create a field like Year([ObservationDate]) during the load to get "normal" behavior?