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    is there any chance to bring qlikview features to qliksense like properties and all in future

    abhishek singh

      i know sense is more of a self service tools but now even companies are moving and using qlik sense and as a qlikview developer its getting hard to implement some basic functionalities like alternate state, List boxes single/multi selection and you will know what all i am talking about if you coming from Qlikvew to Sense we need to have extensions and not all the extensions work in the way we want. Why not add the sense fucntionalities over qlikview instead of making a completely different tool (i know the script and backend engine are same) but qlikview is such a powerful tool why not merge both qlikview and qlik sense in a way that it is good for both developers and users. (PS - i really like qlikview)

      agni_gold whats your opinion