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    Conditional colour formatting with Simple KPI Extension

    Richard Judkins

      Hey all.


      So I have two Simple KPI "charts" in a visualisation.


      One has Sum(Ref_React_Actuals_Measure), the other Sum(Ref_React_Target_Measure)

      So far, so good - they both work fine, showing the right numbers.


      However, what I want to do is have conditional colour formatting so if the Actuals is greater than the Target, the number is green, and red if it is below Target.


      So I have this:


      =IF (Sum(Ref_React_Actuals_Measure)


      (Sum(Ref_React_Target_Measure)) , rgb(255, 128, 128), rgb(102, 204, 0))


      But it doesn't work - it's red no matter if it's greater or below, or if I change the > to <.


      What's wrong with it please? I'm using Qlik Sense Server.