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    How to load newest data, without reloading all the data?

    Derek Emlet

      I am pulling data from an an API that doesn't have pagination. My workaround to this was to load all the old data into QlikSense via a file, then have the rest connector update each month/day with the latest data.


      Old data spans from 5/1/2016 to 5/1/2018. Loaded via AttachedFile.


      New data will be for each month after this via REST Connector, so 5/2018-6/2018, then each month following.


      The problem I am realizing is that when the new data reloads each month via REST API GET, it will wipe out / replace, the previous months data


      How do I keep the data saved after each re-load, and add to it's results rather than refreshing it?


      Thanks in advance