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    Bookmark on Open

      I have created a bookmark for the  values that I want to set on open of a qlikview document.   If I set that to apply the bookmark on open it only sets one property from the bookmark not both or it does not apply the bookmark at all.  I'm trying to set a current month and current year.  I'm using these formulas to set the current month and year. 






      If I attach that bookmark to a button and use it on the sheet it sets the properties just fine. If I open the document and see that it doesn't apply the bookmark and then hit the button I created to apply the bookmark again it works fine.   I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong here. I'm setting the Document Properties>TRiggers>OnOpen Setting.  I'm using version 10.00.8837.6 sr1


      My goal is to make sure on the server version when they open it shows current. 


      Much thanks to anyone that can help.