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      Hello everyone !


      I have an excel file with a pivot table like that :

      Customer 1Project 1.1

      Project 1.2

      Project 1.3
      Customer 2Project 2.1

      Project 2.2


      In the excel file, project 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 are all associated with customer 1, and project 2.1 and 2.2 are associated with customer 2.


      QlikView only makes the association between customer1 and project 1.1,   and customer2 with project 2.2.


      Can I do something without changing the excel file ?

        • Insert excel content

          Yes, You can do this without changing the excel file.


          While loading the excel file, you need to do transformation to fill the empty row which is below the customer1 and customer2.


          Steps  --> Target you excel fiels by clicking Table File wizard -- > Load your data -- > Say Next from File Wizard : Tye --> File Wizard : TransaFormation --> Say Enable Transformation Steps --> go to Fill Tab--> click "Fill" Button --> Specifiy the target Column and go to Cell Condition and say ok without changing any settings -- > once you say ok, now you`d see the empty rows would have been filled with the informations and say Next and Finsih to come back to edit script.


          Reload your application to get the data.


          hope this helps you.