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    Base lines in chart, based on standart deviation

    Evgeny Stuchalkin

      Hi! I want add to my linear chart , that represents sales sum by day, following base lines:


      average per day, average per day + 3 standart deviation (upper baseline), average per day - 3 standart deviation (lower baseline).

      Here is my result:



      As you can see, upper and lower baselines is -6.93k and 78.83k. All values is in range. But i'm espect to see something like this:




      My measure: sum({$<Eantity={"Sales"}, DateType={"Sales_Дата"}, Mode={"STD"}>} [Sales.Sum])


      Avg Baseline: avg(aggr(sum({$<Eantity={"Sales"}, DateType={"Sales_Дата"}, Mode={"STD"}>} [Sales.Sum]), Day)


      Stdev Formula: stdev(aggr(sum({$<Eantity={"Sales"}, DateType={"Sales_Дата"}, Mode={"STD"}>} [Sales.Sum]), Day)


      Day - dimension in main calendar table. Not all Days have Sales.Sum value.

      DateType - field in main calendar, that makes aggregation om concret date type, like:"DealCreate" or "DealClose". remoning that condition from set analysis don't change anything.


      Why lower baseline below zero, if there is no negative value in Sales.Sum? May be I need calculate it in another way?


      Result, that i want - Excellent Analytics Tip #9: Leverage Statistical Control Limits - Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik