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    Day to the previous year in set analysis

    Mart�n Caruso

      Hello, good afternoon!

      I'm having problems with a KPI.

      I have three selectors: year, month and day. The selectors of the year and month, by default, have a fixed fixed value. On the other hand, the day one does not.

      I need to create four indicators, for example if I select year = '2017', month = 'dec' and day = '04/12/2017'. I have to show:

      • sales to dec 2017
      • sales to dec 2016
      • sales at 04/12/2017
      • sales at 04/12/2016

      The first three, I could calculate without any problem. On the other hand, for the last one, sales to the day of the previous year, I could not. I tried in the set analysis with year-1 and day-365, but I get 0. The strange thing is that in the label, using this function: Date (DIM_DATE - 365), the KPI tells me the correct date , that is, 04/12/2016.

      Any solution that comes to mind?

      I already appreciate your time and contributions.