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    Qlik sense widget navigate to sheet/storyboard

    Amandeep Dhak

      Hi there,


      I have a widget which reads from the table below however when passing the sheetid into ng-click action it does not work.If i hardcode the sheetid the button works.


      load * inline







      I have tried the following syntax attached is snapshot.


      ng-click="navigation.gotoSheet('657b7c0d-58f5-42f9-a4fc-d9b6faf4c22d')"  -- Works but hard coded



      ng-click ={{row.dimensions[0].qText}} -- did not work

      ng-click ='{{row.dimensions[0].qText}}' -- did not work

      ng-click ="{{row.dimensions[0].qText}}" -- did not work


      Can someone help me with the code thanks?


      PS I'm using a widget and not an extension as we are not allowed to use JS within our environment.