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    Hidden expression to force zero value dimensions in chart.

    Nigel White

      I have a chart in QlikView with 2 expresions:-


      1. Sum({<MonthYear = {'>=$(vMthYr13) <=$(vMaxMthYr)'}>} Qty)

      2. Sum({1<MonthYear = {'>=$(vMthYr13) <=$(vMaxMthYr)'}>} 1)


      Dimension = MonthYear


      The second expression is used and has been marked as 'True' in the Hide Column option under the Presentation TAB in chart properties to force all 13 consecutive MonthYear's from vMthYr13 to vMaxMthYr to be visible in the chart, even when the value is zero.


      Obviously, I cannot turn 'show all values' on, or 'Suppress Zero Values off, as this would result in 5 years of MonthYear record to show.


      My question is how can I achieve this in Qlik Sense as there is no 'Hide Column' option?