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    Applying custom themes on Single Configurator

    Arvindhan Rameshbabu

      Hello, I have been working in Qlik sense for the past few months. I've developed a dashboard which i have integrated in my website using single configurator URL to Iframes. But, even if i deploy a certain theme inside the Qlik application, the single configurator theme gets gets defaulted to the default theme. Please let me know how i can retain the custom theme in the single configurator URL. Also please let me know how i can reduce the distance between the top of the iFrame and the title of a Qlik visualization integrated via single configurator.


      This is the URL as seen in the view option in Qlik single configurator:https://vertqlik.ramcoes.com/ramcotenant_proxy/single/?appid=f8f8d0c6-7ee8-4b75-91a5-233b9b324f1e&obj=LQfAB&theme=my%20n…





      And this is how the same link looks on the website:




      Please let me know on what can be done.