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    Add data while not having access to script

    Stijn Valkenburg

      Hi experts,


      I have the following challenge:

      Some business users have been working on several apps. These apps have been published and a 'template sheet' has been included for end users to create their own visualizations. The end users can duplicate the app and create their own sheet displaying anything they want with the data already loaded in. The challenge here however, is that the end users have certain files that are specific for their departments. They want to be able to load in this file through the data manager (additional to the already loaded data).


      When duplicating an app, the data load editor is not available. It is possible to add new data through the data manager, but when you reload you will only reload the file you just added.


      Is there any solution in which you can keep the originally loaded data and just add some extra data to it?


      Thanks a lot!