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    Calculate return rate

    Wanyun Yang

      My table has one field Type with values 'quotes', 'orders', 'returns', another field Amount with sales amount. I'm trying to calculate the return rate, with some function like:


      But I want to put Type as a filter and achieve:

      1. If you select quotes or orders or returns or (quotes, orders) , it will show 0 or nothing.

      2. If you select (quotes, returns), it will show SUM({<Type={'returns'}>}Amount)/SUM({<Type={'quotes'}>}Amount)

      3. If you select (orders, returns), it will show SUM({<Type={'returns'}>}Amount)/SUM({<Type={'orders'}>}Amount)

      4. If you select (quotes, orders, returns), it will show SUM({<Type={'returns'}>}Amount)/(SUM({<Type={'quotes'}>}Amount)+SUM({<Type={'orders'}>}Amount))

      Is that possible? Thanks in advance!

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          Sunny Talwar

          May be this


          If(GetSelectedCount(Returns) > 0 and (GetSelectedCount(Orders) > 0 or GetSelectedCount(quotes) > 0), Sum({<Type *= {'returns'}>} Amount) / (Sum({<Type *= {'quotes'}>} Amount)+SUM({<Type *= {'orders'}>} Amount)), 0)

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            Sibin Jacob.C C

            Please use the below expression.


            if( Type='returns' or SubStringCount(GetFieldSelections(Type),'returns') = 0 ,0












            For Testing:

            Create List box Type, put the below expression in a text box



            if( Type='returns' or SubStringCount(GetFieldSelections(Type),'returns') = 0 ,0


            if(SubStringCount(GetFieldSelections(Type),',')=2,'All 3 selected',

            if(SubStringCount(GetFieldSelections(Type),'quotes')=1,'quotes return formula',

            if(SubStringCount(GetFieldSelections(Type),'orders')=1,'orders return formuls'