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    Best Place to Start Learning for Free

      Obviously I am new with QlikView.


      There is an overwhelming amount of information and I could not find a good outline where to start. Who can suggest the best free online tutorial to start with that has worked for you.


      I see the business intelligence potential of this tool, analysis on various levels, and various purposes. From my reporting and analysis task at work as an Internet Marketer, to running my own business and also in my MBA classes.

        • Best Place to Start Learning for Free
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          First off, welcome to QlikCommunity and QlikView...glad to have you here!


          There are a couple of places to get started:

          • There is a tutorial bundled with the complete QlikView install; you can find it at C:\Program Files\QlikView\Tutorial
          • We have a number of free training modules available on our site.  You can find those here: Free QlikView Training
          • We have provided a few videos to help you get started as well, those can be found here: New to QlikView Videos
          • Search the QlikCommunity!  If you have a question, most likely it's been asked and answered before here on the site.


          That should get you going...hope to see you around more!




          Jason M. Long

          Community Manager