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    GetCurrentSelections on result of expression with set

    Magnus ÅVITSLAND



      I have a problem.

      - I have created several bookmarks, and when the bookmarks were created I saved the number of fields defined in it.


      I need to somehow check how many fields were actually selected when the bookmark is executed in a {set}-expression and compare that to my bookmark meta data also in my data model. And if they differ it means not all fields were selected and the bookmark which was executed is illegal.


      It is similar to post http://community.qlik.com/thread/31475?tstart=0, but I think that post will end up with the same problem as me, if the field selections are not applicable for some reason.


      My expression is as follows:

      sum({1<BMx>} CustomerCounter)


      So... in the above expression I get some result which for the user might seem correct.

      But I can never be sure all fields defined in the bookmark were actually selected depending on the user data set after section access.


      The function GetCurrentSelections returns the current selections as shown in the GUI.

      It isn't {set}-aware.


      Is there a way to do something like this (pseudo code):

      if resulting GetCurrentSelections for set({1<BMx>}) equals BMx.NumberOfFieldsSelected then sum({1<BMx>} CustomerCounter) else 0


      Thanks in advance.