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    newbie - multiple tables boxes each with own selection



      Im new to QlikView and im trying to evaluate it as a possible solution for my reporting requirements, but there is one thing i just can find out how to do...


      I have managed to create tasks using set analysis to graphically display summary data - which is great, but now i need to display a list of data that isnt affected by selections made in other selection boxes.


      Simplified, my data has columns for:


      Task Name



      If the developer name field is blank then the item is not allocated, so i have one page that allows an overview per developer using a list box. On another page I want a list of the tasks that are not allocated.


      Problem is that when i select a developer using the list box, it updates all of my table boxes.....


      Other than loading the same data as a different table, how can i make different sheets/controls have different selections ??