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    Filter table object



      I have a table with products in it. A product has a categorie.

      I want to have table objects in 4 tabs with the following filters:

      Tab1: all cat

      Tab2: cat1

      Tab3: cat2

      Tab4: cat3


      I can't find an option in properties to filter the table.

      So how can i filter a table object ?


      Kind regards,



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          Stefan Wühl

          Hi ThijsJan,


          so you got a table chart (pivot or straight table chart) with dimension product, correct?


          For a table chart, you could use a calculated dimension (add calculated dimension in dimension tab of chart properties), like

          =if( categorie = 'cat1', product)


          You could create 4 table charts, 3 with calculated dimension like above (replacing cat1 with cat2, cat3), one with a plain dimension product (for all categories).


          Then you have four tables, 3 of them filtered by category. You could then use a container object to include these 4 tables, having tabs to switch between the filtered objects.


          Just one idea of how you could maybe achieve what you want,


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            Dmitry Gudkov

            Most probably for tabs 2-4 you should use expression with set analysis.


            For example



            =sum({$<Category={"Cat1"}>} Amount)


            Set analysis expressions are very well described in QlikView help.

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              Thanks it worked.


              Kind regards,



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                  Stefan Wühl

                  That's good to hear!


                  Just to clarify, you would either need a calculated dimension on tables 2-4 or the set expression, not both at the same time.

                  Dmitry's solution should be better performing, though.


                  Have fun,