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    Calculate % Difference

    Sunil Kenth

      Can someone please tell me why i am getting strange results in QV when trying to calculate % difference? 


      I need to find the difference in sales figuers from 2010 to 2011


      Here is the expression i am using:


      =((Sum({$<YEAR={'2011'}>} NET_USD) - Sum({$<YEAR={'2010'}>} NET_USD)) / (Sum({$<YEAR={'2010'}>} NET_USD))*100)


      From my understanding to calculate % difference you need to:


      1. Minus the old from the new

      2. Divide what is left by the old value

      3. Multiply what is left by 100.


      The sales figures i have are 2010 = $94 and 2011 = $180.  The % difference figure i should get is 91.49% but in QV I get -122% and i can't understand why.


      Any ideas???