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    The use of variables to filter a date range

      Hi there,

      I'm new (ish) to Qlikview and have a question, which has been asked before and resolved, however it does not seem to work for me!!

      I have a Qlikview report which I want to be able to filter on for a date range. The end user does not like the slider option and would just like to be able to input a from and to date and this should automatically filter the record set in a straight table or table box.


      So, the method I've chosed is to create two variables; startdate & enddate.

      I've created two calendar objects to populate the variables.

      I have set up two variable trigger events onInput and onChange; The Action is to 'Select in Field" on column TRADE_DATE and the search string is


      I have created a simple List Box which contains TRADE_DATE


      Now, on the example I have downloaded, when inputting a date range I see in a Current Selections box <<date_column>> >=01/01/2010<=01/01/2011

      which is what I want, however in my report nothing happens. Have I missed a step??


      Here's the post I got the information from. http://community.qlik.com/message/125465#125465


      Many thanks for your help.


      Rob Walker.