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    Cross tab report-with each 30 mins interval



      I need to create a cross tab report in qlikview.I guess for this I can use a Pivot table.Reporting time period is 12 AM to 12 PM.This report should provide data for each 30 minutes interval.User can select the date from the parameter.


      TimePeriod              luggage bagswalletpursesBag packsTotehand Baglaptop bags
      12.00-12.30 AM2000010
      12.30-1.00 AM011
      1.00 AM-1.30 AM
      10.30PM-11.00 PM
      11.00 PM -11.30 PM
      11.30 Pm-12.00 PM



      In the database there are purchase time for each item.For example:


      09/26/2011 12.10 AM Luggage bags

      09/26/2011  12.08 AM Luggage bags

      09/26/2011  12.15 AM Hand bags


      09/26/2011 12.35 AM Wallet

      09/26/2011  12.40 AM Purses


      can any one tell how can I create these 30 minutes interval dimensions in qlikview?Please also let me know whether item names also would be in the dimension ?