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    Loop and reduce


      am trying to loop through users folders and distribute specific document.

      i have a qvw document TB_CA.qvw that i want to distribute to users.

      for each users i have a folder D:\Users\UserName

      i want the document to be reduced and distributed in those folders.

      for the moment i have as many TB_CA_UserName.qvw  as my users in my root folder... and i want each in its specific folder... for example i have a folder D:\Users\User1 i want the loop and reduce target folder to be D:\Users\%FieldName,Nom_AD_Mag%  where Nom_AD_Mag is my user name

      how can i do it ??

      in 8.5 i only had to check use subfolder...

      i have QlikView server 10 SR3.

      any ideas !!!


        • Loop and reduce

          the solution is too simple

          under the reduce tab ->Reduced Document Name

          Save the reduced document with the following name: %FieldName,Nom_AD_Mag%\%SourceDocumentName%

          where "%FieldName,Nom_AD_Mag%" is the user name

          and under the distribution tab -> loop field in the document -> section destination : D:\Users


          that's all hope it will help some of you

            • Re: Loop and reduce
              Amien Amien

              anyone tested this in QlikView 10?


              i have this in document name: ClientNumber\DocumentName.PDF

              and as destination : D:\PDF


              Folder ClientNumber does exist, but PDF are placed in the root of PDF .. and not und the ClientNumber