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    What is meant by Mounted Folder?



      What is meant my Mouted Folder in QlikView? Please explain!




        • What is meant by Mounted Folder?

          When distributing a document you might have several folders to choose from at the server. Choose server and mount.

          AccessPoint is a common name, but you might have AccessPoint_users and AccessPoint_management.

            • What is meant by Mounted Folder?
              Sunil Chauhan

              Mounted folder is the folder from where all application are available. and this folder is mounted to server .


              At Access point all application available must be found in Mounted folder.Mounted folder can be one of subfolder inside root folder.



              Root folder contain all the application and document.




              hope this make help

            • What is meant by Mounted Folder?
              Kamal Naithani


              when you are dealing with the server in qlikview

              You have a root folder....where all the qlikview application are found.

              Mounted folder -It is the folder inside the root folder ...which give the path about the application that you want to access.



              When you open the access point than the application inside the mounted folder are shown..and you can access the application with the help of access point that are kept inside the mounted folder