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    Importing text files containing scripts?



      • I have 5 different QlikView reports / files, and they load data from 8 QVD files
      • All the 5 QVW files use the same 8 QVD files as datasource, and the 8 tables are linked in the exact same way in all 5 QVW reports...



      The script for laoding these qvd files contains code for load, let, drop, resident, where, concatenate, where, and so on... => a long script for handeling the loading and errorhandling, etc - all the nececarry code for making the reports work



      Is it possible to write the Load script in a text file, and import this script into the QV editor...?


      The point is:


      If I have to change something in the code, i will have to update the code in all 5 QVW files... It would be better if I could only update the textfile, so that all five files will have the new updated code when they are reloaded.



      Is this possible? or is it better ways to solve these kind of problems?