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    Horizontal bar chart - Gantt with 2 dimensions

      Hi all,


      I am working on a project with QlikView 11 and am facing some difficulties trying to make a chart like the one in the Excel spreadsheet attached.

      What I would like to do is a kind of Gantt chart that would show holiday periods for each user over time.


      The project I am working on is in desktop mode. For certain reasons, I cannot use the "WebView" mode of QV, so I cannot use the Gantt extension.

      In the spreadsheet, I put a set of data that represents my problem.


      As you can see, each person can have different periods to be displayed on the graph (2 for P1, 2 for P2, 3 for P3 and 1 for P4).

      When I try to use a horizontal bar chart and playing with the "Bar Offset", I can acheive something close to that, but I cannot have the different occurences (holiday periods) of a perons on the same row (with a Gantt, you will have a row for each ID in my table as Person would be the first dimension and ID the second, if I am correct).


      Do you please have any idea on how to reproduce my example wihout using the "WebView" mode of QV?


      I have found some posts on this forum regarding Gantt charts but none that do what I would like to do.


      Thank you very much,