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    Geospatial Map Extension for Custom Regions

    Brian Munz

      Hi everyone,

      So after releasing the US and Countries Google Map extensions a few days ago, the most common response from people is that it would be great if they could have a map like that for their own country, or for postal codes, or for provinces, or for sales regions, etc. etc.

      So I made some modifications and created an extension that allows you to define your own custom regions.  Here's an (ugly) example:


      Rather than posting all of the implementation instructions on here, I created a quick guide on how to get it up and running.

      So, while it might be time consuming or require some steps in finding or converting data, you should be able to map whatever regions you want.

      Hope this is helpful.  I'm working on some non-Google mapping extensions so look for those soon if these extensions are helpful to you.