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    Allocated Memory Exceeded - QV11

    Kent Shook

      I see a ton of questions about this error for old versions of QlikView (mainly 8.5) but I'm running QlikView 11, and running into it in a situation that should not be causing problems. It's happening on two different servers. Here's the setup:


      * Running QlikView 11 IR on both servers


      * One server is brand new, has a ridiculous number of CPU cores and tons of RAM (40 and 128GB, IIRC) and is not running anything but QlikView. The other is our in-house test server which I believe is somewhat less capable (I don't know the exact specs).


      * Working Set is set to 70% low, 90% high


      * The object where I've found this problem is a simple table box within a container.

           - The container has only 5 objects in it

           - The table box is showing 8 fields, and there are only 2,432 lines

           - The table that's in the "middle" of the fields being shown contains 2 of the fields. 4 fields are one table away, 2 fields are 2 tables away.


      * The error occurs in the Ajax client


      * The "Allocated Memory Exceeded" error is seen after clicking in the table box to make a selection.


      Any suggestions?





        • Allocated Memory Exceeded - QV11
          Karl Pover



          I've seen some buggy things in QV 11 concerning containers.  I've repeatedly had fatal errors that force me to close QV because of them.  I've been given the allocated memory exceeded when using alternate states and dimension limits so I don't know what's going on, but there are still numerous errors in QV11.  Does the table box show alright without it being in a container?


          I would report it as a bug to make sure it gets fixed in a future release.



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            Kent Shook

            It looks like QlikTech has fixed some additional problems like this in QV11 SR2. Specifically, bug ID 46255: "Qlikview Desktop - Allocated memory exceeded with Count (Distinct) in the expression." That also hints at a workaround for those of you not planning on upgrading to SR2. Were those of you who were still having problems in SR1 using a count(distinct) in the expression?


            Also, bug ID 46892: "Allocated memory exceeded" when creating a Block Chart with 3 dimensions.


            I'm curious to see if anyone will have Allocated Memory Exceeded errors in QV11 SR2...

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                Martin Mahler

                I have the same error popping up. In my case I am using a Pivot Table with 34 dimensions, all of them displayed only upon a certain condition.


                It works without any problems when I'm developing it, however it's differently when the document is opened on the WebServer.


                A remarkable observation is that the error is non-reproducable. Sometimes it stops calculating, other times it works fine with the same selections made.

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                    I have seen this error also, but in this scenario:  A container that has 2 straight tables in it.  If I launch the qv app as a user that has column reduction, one of the tables will present the error but if I make a selection then data appears as expected and all seems fine, and if I de-select that same selection, data still appears as expected.  Both charts have conditional statements that hide some columns for this user.  But if I launch the same qv app as a user that has access to see all column, both charts appear with data and the error never occurs.

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                  k s

                  I got this error when I used 3rd dimension as Calculated Dimension.  Then I removed Calculated and made it to Normal dimension which worked fine.

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                    This issue does not appear to be fixed. I'm getting the same error in a bar chart.


                    I had two (expression) dimensions, and several expressions (only one shown at a time, controlled w/ conditions).

                    To troubleshoot, I started to disable expressions. I basically got it down to one dimension, one expression, still no luck. However, if I create a new expression which is identical to the one I have left, everything works perfectly. This is definitely a bug. I am tired of putting bandaid's on this issue. Can anyone help shed some light on why this is happening?

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                        Kent Shook

                        Albert, when you say "(expression) dimensions" do you mean calculated dimensions?


                        If so, if there is any way at all that you can do what you want to do without using calculated dimensions, that will help immensely with both RAM usage and the speed and responsiveness of your app. I would imagine that it will correct the Allocated Memory Exceeded issue too.


                        FWIW, I have not seen this issue again in a LONG time, so it may well be that it really is running out of memory.

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                            Paul Routledge

                            We have an ongoing issue with QVS.EXE consuming all the memory too. Ticket raised with Qlik.


                            The latest suggestion they have is there may be a corrupt object in the qvw. This seems to tie in with what Albert Flecha reported in that he could recreate the expression form scratch and it worked fine. Corrupt objects can sometimes be accompanied by an entry in the server Event log, in our case we only once had this error but the memory leak happened frequently.


                            Look for article number 000002846 "Troubleshooting Exception Warnings" in the Support Portal for a guide on how to purge corrupt objects from your QVW. Which may help you here.


                            We have just cleared our application of any corrupt objects and are observing the results.


                            We also find that the high memory usage is intermittent and difficult to reproduce so only time will tell if purging corrupt objects has solved the problem.

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                              Yes, that is what I meant. I need to use the calculated dimensions here because we have made our charts extremely interactive and flexible. An example of this is we provide a central navigation pane for our users to determine the way to set the date dimension across all the charts (Month, Week, Year). We also use tables & variables to change/update charts dynamically.

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                                  Karl Pover

                                  Hi Albert,

                                  Just curious.  Why do you use a calculated dimension instead of multiple field dimensions with conditional show expressions?  Is it to lower the maintenance cost of the charts?


                                  Also, I'm not sure what you mean when you say

                                  "I basically got it down to one dimension, one expression, still no luck. However, if I create a new expression which is identical to the one I have left, everything works perfectly"


                                  Can you explain a little bit more what you mean?