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    Not able to sort correctly a top 10 in a bar chart



      I try to show 10 customers that are sorted by their revenue in ascending order, but only to customers that their revenue was more then 200$.

      (so, in other words, I want to show my customers with the lowest revenue, but only to those that their minimum revenue is more then 200$) ,

      so i use this expression :


      =IF( Sum(revenue) >= 200, Sum(revenue), Null())


      and then i sort by setting the Y-Value to Ascending, and in the Dimension Limit tab i choose to show only the smallest 10 values.


      but what i get is like this:


      Bar Chart.png

      all the 9 left empty bars were not supposed to be there, only the right bar stands for the criteria of revenue more than 200$.


      Please help me to do this correctly.