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    Data via ODBC from Oracle stored procedure which returns ref cursor

    Magnus ÅVITSLAND



      My client wants to load data via ODBC from an Oracle stored procedure which returns a ref cursor.

      Is that possible?


      The client uses:

      • Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
      • QlikView v11 IR
      • Oracle 10 and ODBC drivers
      • Oracle 11and ODBC drivers


      I successfully manage to load data from the procedure when using the Oracle native tool SQLPlus by doing like this:

      • Declare variable
      • Fill the variable with recordset from query result
      • Print variable content


      Any help would be highly appreciated!


      I have tried all from the following threads without any bit of luck:





      Even my friend Google was unable to assist me.



      It seems strange that it should be so different in Oracle.

      Oracle is in fact one of the bigger DBMS:s in the world.

      And ref cursors are used commonly.



      Kind regards


      Magnus Åvitsland

      BI Consultant

      Framsteg Business Intelligence Corp.

        • Re: Data via ODBC from Oracle stored procedure which returns ref cursor
          Ralf Becher

          Hi Magnus,


          this is a very interesting topic I have also asked around and had no solution. Now I dig a bit deeper into it and I've got a solution which might be interesting for you but has the following limitations:


          1. only a function call is working (not a SP)

          2. it's using sys_refcursor instead of type REF CURSOR


          I've build the following test function:


          // Oracle PL/SQL:

          create or replace

          function f_get_tables return sys_refcursor


            c1 sys_refcursor;


              OPEN C1 FOR

                  SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM user_tables;

              RETURN C1;



          Which can be called in the QlikView Load Script:



          SQL { ? = call f_get_tables() };



          Usually this should work also with a stored procedure but in this case I've got an

          ORA-01008: not all variables bound..


          Also interesting is that this statement (on sqldeveloper) gives back all values from all rows in one XML-like string:


          select f_get_tables() from dual;




          - Ralf