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    Importing Navision data



      is there any tutorial on how to import and organize data from Microsoft Navision?


      I'm new to Qlikview and community so apologies if this is offtopic.



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          Andrea Mirsberger

          Hi Milan,


          there is a QlikView connector "NAVdiscovery" from prisma informatik GmbH in Nuremberg/Germany (www.prisma-informatik.de).


          With NAVdiscovery it's possible to export complete executable QlikView-Scripts directly from Navision. You can define the relevant tables and relations. Even individual fields and tables will be included. Basic templates exist for the most relevant tables.


          Furthermore, NAVdiscovery enables you to embed the QV objects directly inside a NAV system:


          QV2.png SaveFrom.net


          For further information contact qlikview@prisma-informatik.de


          Best regards,

          Andrea from prisma informatik