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    NT permissions fail for some users/document in AccessPoint

    Jose Luis Dengra

      Hi !


      I have a problem trying to make a new document visible in AccessPoint through its NT permissions.

      The matter is that I apply the NT read permissions at the QV document for the user that needs it, but this document never appears in AccessPoint for this user and some others.

      Some other documents appear in AccessPoint for this user having the same NT permissions, but never this document document.

      Some other users can not either access to this new document, having also NT read permissions, but some other users can do it, having all exactly the same permissions.


      I have restarted all the QV services and even the server machine to force it to refresh last NT changes, and the document is never visible for some users, but visible for others, having all the same NT permissions. The permissions are given disallowing the folder permission inheritance.

      Can you help me to understand what is happening ?

      What can I do ?


      This problem is driving me crazy and any help could be valuable.

      Thank you very much.

      Best regards,