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    Sending sms on mobile with qlikview

    Mohammed Ashfaq Ali

      Dear Community,


      Can someone let me know is there is any possibility to send sms via qlikview by integrating with SDK or some work around.

      Can someone share his/her experiences on sending sms via qlikview or by SDK integration.




        • Sending sms on mobile with qlikview
          Alexander Karlsson

          So what do you want to accomplish here? HTML5 lets you do sms links, in the same way as mailto: so if you push a button in QV the sms dialog will pop up in your andriod/ios phone. Not sure about rim/symbian.


          Or do you want send out batches of sms'es from your desktop where the batch is initiated from QV?
          I have not done something like this in QV but experience from building SMS-integration in other systems a few years back was that there was not any real standard and the different vendors all had different apis to work with.

          So no generic answer sadly.